What is the widest, highest and longest building I can get?
Pitbull Steel Structures has the ability to serve our customer needs up to 60′ wide, 20′ tall and as long as you need.
Will you make a building to my exact dimensions and specification?
We do not offer a to spec manufacturing service, but our modular manufacturing system is very versatile and we will be able to offer you thousands of configuration options to help meet your requirements.
What if I don’t know what type of building I need?
You can identify your building requirements by answering a few general questions like for what use you are buying a metal building.
Whether you are buying it for car protection, to cover your RV, for warehousing, to start your hobby workshop etc.
You can even call Pitbull Steel Structures. for better assistance or contact a local dealer.
Where is the best location for my building?
The key to a successful installation of any of our products is to make sure that our product is installed on a leveled, square surface. We do not perform any site preparation.
Does my installation site need to be level?
Yes, the ground needs to be as level as possible to ensure that the installation is the best it can be. The quality of the installation site will be directly reflected in the unit.
When are the extra 4’ braces required?
4’ braces are required when the leg height is 8’ or taller on buildings that are not fully enclosed. They are included at no charge in all units 8’ tall and taller.
Why should I consider a vertical roof versus a horizontal roof?
The vertical roof allows water, snow, etc. to run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof as can be the case with Regular and Boxed Eave Style units.
What are certified buildings and why should I purchase one?
Certified units have been designed by a professional engineer to meet or exceed the International Buildings Code standards for your geographical area.
How can I get information about the price of your buildings?
You can directly request a quote via this web site or contact us.
Does color affect my price?
No, you can choose a different color top, trim, sides, and ends at no additional charge from our standard 14 color choices.
What colors do you have available?
We offer a variety of 14 colors. We have a representation of our colors in our “Our Buildings” section of our site.
Can I add windows and doors into the design of my steel building?
Yes, all our designs are customizable, you can add windows, barrel garage door, personnel access doors, lean-to’s and openings as per your requirements. In addition, your selection of windows and doors is not limited to those sold by Pitbull Steel Structures, most any window or door can be installed in our units, thus allowing you to match your building’s windows and doors to those currently installed in your home.
I have other questions or concerns. How can I talk to Steel Buildings & Structures?
You can contact us, call us or email us. We have the best support system in the industry to resolve all your queries.
Do I need a permit?
Under most circumstances a building permit is required. It is each customer’s responsibility to apply for all necessary building permits and make sure that the planned building complies with applicable building codes. Each local municipality has their own building code, so you must check with them to see what the specific requirements are.